Garage Doors Types

Just as there is a variety of home styles today, there are also a variety of interior, exterior and garage door styles to match. When you are building a new home or remodeling, you should familiarize yourself with the different options of door styles. So with garage doors in mind, you should know that your garage door will be one of the most essential features of your home, and it will be also one of the most viewed. They usually stick out from the rest of the property and are seen by those passing by your house. There are a few garage door styles you can choose from. It is your responsibility to preform prompt any doors repair when needed. It is best to have a reputable contractor as Noah Construction, operating in Peoria IL, help you keep your doors in good condition.

The style of the traditional garage door is designed to work well with all types of homes. From American to Victorian styles, there are also Cape, European, Mediterranean, Spanish, and Ranch styles. The traditional style is simple and provides a simple look that doesn’t take away from the natural attractiveness of any of these home styles. Another popular option for garage door styles, preferred by many house owners is the carriage door style. These doors are designed to imitate the older style doors of carriage houses. Their look is charming and ideal for smaller homes which owners are looking for something that bit extra distinct, to make their home stand out a bit more.

The most commonly seen garage door styles today are raised panel doors. These doors are produced from a durable wood or plastic and feature several panels. While these are another simple design, they can easily create a custom look. The raised panels can be trimmed or painted with an accent color that enhance the beautiful look of the house. These kind of doors also leave a space for numbers, letters or monogram that represent the street number or home occupants. Raised panel doors are suitable for all home styles. They can be installed with motorized options as well as the older style garage door suspenders that are raised and lowered by hand. Raised door panels provide the most versatility and options in materials, colors and styles to choose from.

For a more contemporary look you may want to have a garage door that is built with higher grade features and materials with clean lines. The modern edge that many house owners are going for allows them to enjoy garage door styles that feature aluminum frames and glass panels. You can have the glass clear, tinted or even frosted for a different look and style. Contemporary garage door styles are designed to be simple but “edgy” while adding to the modern appearance of your home.

Your local Peoria IL home improvement store or contractor (who will be able to help you with any doors repairs as well) can help you understand the different options for any garage door styles you have. There are countless doors to choose from and most can be tailored to meet the specific needs and tastes of the home owner. Choose the garage door styles that best suit your taste as well as your home style and will last for years to come.