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Your roof is one of the most important parts of your house. It requires routine checks, care and maintenance in order to perform optimally – and even if you do your best, the time for repairs will inevitably come. You should always have a good roofing contractor in mind to carry out those duties in a professional manner.

Shingles are among the most important parts of a roof. There are lots of types of shingles on the market, each with unique properties and looks. This article is designed to acquaint you with some of the most popular types of shingles and give you details on their attributes, strengths and weaknesses.

The most common and basic type of shingle is the asphalt shingle. They are widely known for being easy to acquire and install. Repairing an asphalt shingle is not a hard task either. They are fairly durable – a shingle can last from 25 to 30 years on average. Tar or roofing cement is usually used for keeping asphalt shingles together, which makes fixing a crooked shingle an easy job – just cement it back, while keeping an eye on the shingles around it.

Wooden shingles are usually made out of cedar, since this is the most suitable wood for this kind of job. There are several other materials that can do just as good a job as cedar when used for making shingles and shakes – such woods are spruce and treated pine. Wooden shingles last around 30 years on average, but they tend to shrink and warp as the years go by.

Perhaps the most popular shingles nowadays are the laminated shingles. They have the ability to give your house a modern, expensive look. They are made of various layers of material, and are designed to add color and depth to the look of your house. Laminated shingles are quite similiar to asphalt shingles, so the methods used to repair them are almost identical. Laminated shingles, however, are thicker, so you need longer nails for installing them.

Slate shingles is another name for the good old stone shingles. They are heavy and difficult to install – only an experienced roofing contractor will be able to manage them. If you maintain your slate shingles properly, they will surely outlive you – their durability is very high. Slate shingles can last more than a century if taken care of.

It does not matter what kind of shingles you prefer for your roof – you will require the services of a professional to install them. If you reside in Peoria, IL and you need a reputable roofing contractor, we are here to help. Noah Construction has been in the roofing and siding business for more than 30 years, and is guaranteed to fix your problems in a timely and efficient manner. Contact us now at (309) 694-2275!


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