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The Different Types of Siding

As we all know, siding is the best way for you to protect your house from harsh weather and climate conditions. There is more to it, however – a well-built siding can really improve your home’s price, as well as providing it with great looks. Siding comes in a variety of material choices, each with its own properties and advantages. This article is designed to help you differentiate those types and choose the best option for your house!

Construction WorkerLet’s start with wood siding. It comes in a great variety of styles and colors and it is quite versatile and easy to work with. The insulation it provides, however, is minimal compared to other materials used for siding. Another issue with this type is the maintenance. Although the installation and repair processess are far from being tough, wood siding requires a great amount of care and maintenance. Routine inspections are a must – their frequency depends on the siding’s elemental exposure. In some cases the wood can become damaged by various pests, such as ants and termites. Another issue is the usually toxic properties of most paints and products used for treating wood.

Plastic siding tends to imitate wood, as far as visual appearance goes. In this case, colors and styles are virtually limitless – after all, plastic is manufactured, so nothing is impossible. The new types of plastic are greatly resistant to weather effects and damage, but still do not provide even slight insulation. That is why a certain type of insulation material is usually added in the mix – usually foam or something else. The public opinion of plastic siding is generally unfavourable.

Many industrial and modern buildings use metal siding for their insulation needs. This type comes in a huge variety of styles, colors and metal types. You cannot go wrong with an aluminum finish – it is one of the most durable siding options out there. For example, it is great for houses on the beach – those that would be exposed to high levels of salt and moisture, and aluminum is impervious to those. Steel siding on the other hand tends to rust when subjected to high moisture levels. Its main advantage is its durability – steel is extremely resilient to any impact.

If money is not the issue with you, then masonry siding is the way to go. This type is built using brick and stone, and can be achieved in a variety of styles. Masonry has amazing durability and strength, being able to last for more than a hundred years if installed properly. The main downside is the cost of the project, of course.

Those were some types of siding that can definitely improve your house’s protection and looks. For all your siding and roofing needs in Peoria, IL do not hestitate to call the most reputable contractor in the area – Noah Construction. We are guaranteed to do whatever needs to be done in a fast and efficient manner! Contact us now at (309) 694-2275!


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