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Why a Roofing Service Recommends Slate Roofs

A slate roof is made from a metamorphic rock that is extremely durable, which makes it good for roofing. It is more common seen in areas where slate is abundant, however, slate shingles can be shipped worldwide. Like every other kind of roofing, slate comes with its own pros and cons, all of which must be carefully considered before installation commences.

Slate is extremely fine-grained which makes it possible to manufacture into tiles that can be used on flooring, roofing, etc. This material is usually dark in nature and when installed by a professional roofing services can last for decades. This type of roof is extremely water resistant and is able to stand up to heavy snow storms.

The main disadvantage with this roof is slate is heavy, so a roof will have to be reinforced in order to support the weight. Plus, slate is more expensive than most other roofing materials, which means it will need a huge financial investment by the homeowner. But, this kind of roof will greatly increase the resale value of a property, as slate roofs are considered a luxury amenity, and once installed, it requires less maintenance than other roofing materials.

When it comes time to install a slate roof, you must use an experienced roofer. This will ensure your roof is installed correctly. Also, buy extra shingles, just in case you need to replace any broken or lost ones over the years. Regularly checking your roof for any missing, loose, or damaged shingles is recommended, as falling shingles will cause serious injury to people or residents passing by the house.

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